Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some Day Out Of The Blue

I’m in love with this song. Every time I here it, I get lost in my memories with my best ever friends. I feel that it just for us :)

Some day out of the blue
In a crowded street
Or a deserted square
I'll turn and I'll see you
As if our love were new
Some day we can start again,
Some day soon

Here comes the night
Here come the memories
Lost in your arms
Down in the foreign fields

Not so long ago
Seems like eternity
Those sweet afternoons
Still capture me

I still believe
I still put faith in us
We had it all
And watched it slip away
Where are we now
Not where we want to be
Those hot afternoons
Still follow me

Some day out of the blue
Maybe years from now
Or tomorrow night
I'll turn and I'll see you
As if we always knew
Some day we would live again,
Some day soon

Artist: Elton John
Album: From the movie "The Road To Elderado"

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