Friday, July 23, 2010

Naming Objects.. Is Sunnah! :)

At college, we, me and my friends, used to name our objects. Most of them ware our laptops, flash memories, and cars ;).

We used to have fun, lot of fun, by doing so. Our collections included, Nemo, Hana, Lama, Harry, Cutie (or QT), Hamada, Google. That for laptops :D, and for flash memories, there was Khokha, and 3YA Shedeed (or shoshtey). The only car we had is Loza :).

Every name has its own special memories that’s associated with great time we have together.

Couple weeks ago, I was reading “The genius of Mohammad” By Abbas El-Akkad. And there was a chapter about Muhammad -PBUH- The Friend. The author mentioned that Muhammad -PBUH- was so friendly and gentle even with objects! He said..

لا بل شمل عطفه الاحياء والجماد كأنه من الاحياء، فكانت له قصعه يقال لها الغراء. وكان له سيف محلى يسمى ذا الفقار، وكانت له درع موشحة بنحاس تسمى ذات الفضول، وكان له سرج يسمى الداج وبساط يسمى الكز وركوة تسمى الصادر، ومرآة تسمى المدلة، ومقراض يسمى الجامع، وقضيب يسمى الممشوق.

وفي تسمية تلك الاشياء بالاسماء معنى الألفة التي تجعلها أشبه بالأحياء المعروفين ممن لهم السمات والعناوين، كأن لها “شخصية” مقربة تميزها بين مثيلاتها، كما يتميز الأحباب بالوجوه والملامح و بالكنى والألقاب
Well, we never realized that it’s Sunnah!! Subhan Allah :)

I don’t even thought that He -PBUH- was, and still, so merciful, and gentle to that extend! Honestly, every time I read about Him -PBUH-, or get to know Him more, I just admire Him more and more.

Allahuma Saly wa Salem Ala Saydena Muhamd.

And by the way, here’s the my Miki Wazowski (Korty elbo3bo3).. My work’s laptop :D