Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Art Of Saying "Thank You"!!

"Those who don't thank people, don't thank Allah!". This is one of the greatest social values that we -Muslims- have learned from our prophet Muhammad -PBUH-. I really feel so proud to have such a value in my believes :)

However, there's some people don't use it in a proper manner, and that annoy me so much!!!

I believe that when somebody do some favor for you "personally", you should say "thank you" to him/her. But in case that someone do something for you or for whatever, and you know that s/he do it for "the sake of Allah" then saying "thank you" would have no meaning here in this context!!

Think of it, this person isn't waiting for thanking words from you!! Instead, s/he is looking for them from Allah -Sunhanu Wa Taalaa-, Right??

All what I wanna to say is: Our prophet said "Thank people", but He didn't say "How" to do so. He left the choice to us, and for our own estimate of the situation and the personality of our fellows.

When you are to thank some fellow, think first of how to say it. You may take in account his own personality, the real purpose that made him do that favor, what motivate him most, what he loves, etc.

It maybe time consuming, but believe me, it worthy ;)
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