Monday, October 20, 2008

The Happy Memory We Need And Patronus Charm

Well, I'm not a fan of Harry Potter's movies or even books, you may consider me a fan of Ron Weasley character or the Weasleys in general and the Defense Against The Dark Art Courses :D. However, I've already watched the five movies, and some scenes from each movie was inspiring for me a lot.

Here, I'll take about a scene from "Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban" film. It's the scene when Harry ask Professor Lupin to teach him the Patronus Charm, in order to defense himself from the Dementors attacks. Take a look:

Maybe we, in real life, don't have Dementors, but no one can deny that life is full with experiences that absorb our happy memoirs and only leave us with the saddest and toughest ones :(.

And cumulatively, we keep in our minds only those horrible feelings of failures, fear of trying something new, and pains. Only one idea controls our minds "we can't do so... we are losers... this is beyond our capabilities... "

I believe that best solution for this is the Patronus Spell ;) .. Think of it.. Just close your eyes ... Concentrate... Explore your past... Have a happy and powerful memory... Allow it to fill you up... Lose yourself in it... Then go strongly and bravely towards your goal.

Don't have a happy and powerful memory in our past? Do you?! OK, no problem, then create it, just as Harry did. Imagine how happy you would be when you achieve your goals. Think of how much honor would you bring to your lovers and family when you did that achievement.

It's not inspired from a magical and fantasy world. Believe me, not at all!! I can't forget my beloved prophet Muhammad - PBUH - while the Muslims ware digging the Khandak Tunnel to defence the Maddina against the attacking army, and a huge rock was in the middle of the tunnel, and He - PBUH - came to it and said: "Allah is greater, Roma has been conquered for us", and hit the rock, and said again:"Allah if Greater ... Farris has been conquered for us", then hit the rock again, so the rock had been destroyed immediately!!

Muslims ware so scared at that time, all the Arabian Tribes ware on their way to Maddina to destroy it. But the prophet words make them all think in the happy and the powerful memory of spreading the words of Allah in the whole world.

True Muslim has nothing to fear from in this world. Except doing something would make Allah angry from him. Otherwise, He has all the power and courage to do anything, try everything new, and have new experiences in the world.

And what a happy memory Muslims can have than being in the paradis with our beloved Muhammad -PBUH- and his companies :)

This post is detected to all mankind in the whole world,
And specially for my best ever teams, GP Team, and Life Team :)
May Allah gather us in the Janna, as He gathered us in this life, Amin.
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