Sunday, November 23, 2008

يــــــا طـــير

يا طير أسير محبوس ... نفسك تطير بره

لحد ما تفرج ... إطرح لي كام بذرة

تكبر في قلبي الحر ... وتوصّل الفكرة

البذرة تبقي اتنين ... عشرين متين ملايين

يا قلبي يا مكسور ... متقضيهاش حزين

منتاش زعيم؟ جايز ... لكن وراك ملايين

لو بذرتك تطرح ... هيقوم صلاح الدين

صحيح مهوش انت ... بس انت كبرته

ربيته علي الفكره ... وبقت كما الشجرة

لو حتي مش قادره ... تطرح بذور حرة

البذرة تبقي اتنين ... عشرين متين ملايين

غناء: حمزة نمرة
ألبوم: احلم معايا

Friday, November 14, 2008

ACM National Contest 2008 Movie

This video was detected to ACM National Contest, that was held in Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University, at Sat. 8th, Nov., 2008.

This was the 7th ACM National contest in Egypt. And the 3rd organized by FCI-Life Community... My community :)

It was another precious day for us all , Al7amdu Le Allah. As it passed successfully with the blessings of Allah.

This video is the 3rd one made by my friend Walaa Ibrahim and me. It was a quit long time since we'd did a movie together ;)
Anyway, enjoy :)