Monday, September 17, 2007

أفلا يعقلون

I don't know why my friends consider this film as a scaring movie when I sent it to them !!!!!!!

For me, I don't believe that it's a kind of thrill movies. I believe that it's nothing but a real movie that perfectly matches our daily real life... Yea, we may all have already faced such situations by ourselves or even by some persons we know.

Really it’s amazing, specially its actors, or – to be accurate – its characters.  I liked “Hassan” very much, cause he represents the true Muslim that should always be calm, powerful, realistic, and mental in his believes. And the true friend who never gives his friends up, and be always their guide to the right way by the right manner.

I also believe that “Yusuf” is a representation for a man that Allah loved him till he just refused responding to Allah’s generous. You may now wondering why I believe so, Aren’t you? Well, I once watched an episode for Mr. Amr Khaled talking about people that Allah loves them and wants them to be blessed with his – subhanu wa taalla – blessings. He’d mentioned many signs. I remember those:
  • Having good friends who always help and guide to Allah’s way (such as Hassan).
  • Having some signs and alerts to wake the person up (such as the dream “El-Ro2ya”).
  • Being able to follow the mental and logical thinking (as being persuaded by Hassan’s point of view regarding if the human is “Mu7’ayar” or “Mussayar”).
But frustrating, many people don’t give any attentions to those signs, and time after time, they may deserve a harmful punish from Allah (such as Yusuf’s end). May Allah guide us all to his right way, and bless us with all His mercy and generous, Ameen.

Finally, take care for Allah’s signs, surly you already have many. As by default, all humans – not just Muslims – are being surrounded by Allah’s love and blessings.

Now, watch it, and tell me, Am I right??

Part 1:

Part 2: