Who, What, & Why

 Well, not much!.. Just a Muslim Egyptian girl. Had a Bsc Computer Science and Information Systems, Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University. I also have a dream that I'm looking forward to achieve it ... Just before I die!

I thought I won't change... Yet I found myself... Mmm... what's the word to use?!... Evolving?!!... Don't know!

So, maybe it would be a good idea to track my evolution; and that takes us to the...

Since I don't go well with diaries and stuff like that, I use this blog to take snapshots of me! My moods, experiences, feelings, thoughts, etc..

And also, as I'm not good in writing, I use quotes, films, songs, poems, etc, to express what exactly I want to say in a much better way.

So, yes! I do believe in every single word in this blog!

 It's really a good way to speak to the void! Even I know that some of my friends, workmates, and ex-managers pass by it every now and then; yet I still feel like speaking to no one.. Just the void.

Feel free to leave your comments, feedback, or anything here, or email me at: yasmen.refaat@gmail.com
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