Thursday, June 21, 2007

Islam In History

I've once watched a documentary film about Muslims In South of Asia… I don't know why I was surprised and feel a strange feeling!!

Those people are Muslims, just like me... We've many things in common, as Islam states that all Muslims – all over the whole world – are connected together with a brotherhood relationship...

But, at the same time, We aren't the same at all!!!!! They have there won customs and life styles, which are completely different from mine, as an Egyptian!!!

So, How it comes on that way?!!! How we could be Muslims, believing in only one God, and in The Prophet – PBUH – and all God's messengers – God's Blessings be Upon all of Them – do the same worships and Allah's commends, and be absolutely different?!!!!! 

Really this question was in my mind for a very long time, and I was searching for a satisfied answer, that really could explain this issue… I also felt so bad during this time, I thought that I couldn't understand my religion well… And there is a lot that I'm missing about it.

One day, while I was browsing the internet, suddenly I found those words:
"... In history, Islam showed itself to be culturally friendly and, in that regard, has been likened to a crystal clear river. Its waters (Islam) are pure, sweet, and life-giving but, having no color of their own , reflect the bedrock (indigenous culture) over which they flow. In China, Islam looked Chinese; in Mali, it looked African. Sustained cultural relevance to distinct peoples, diverse places, and different times underlay Islam’s long success as a global civilization ..."
You can't imagine my surprise while I'm reading those words. Really it was the answer I was looking for. Yeah,  that was the reason of why people looks different form each others.

However Islam makes all Muslims are equal. But their characteristics are kept as they are, as long as they are good and don't conflict with its main principles. And this makes every Muslim, but ever every human, feel secure and independency as he/she belongs to Islam.

And actually what surprised me was the person who said those words. He was Dr. Umar Faruq Abdallah, a leading American Muslim scholar and thinker. He wrote them in his book "Islam the Cultural Imperative"!!!.

Really this religion is nothing but a mercy for all mankind. And Allah is the most merciful God, and there is no god but Him. All praise is to Allah and All glory is to Allah.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I Only Ask Of God

I only ask of God
He won't let me be indifferent to the suffering
That the very dried up death doesn't find me
Empty and without having given my everything

I only ask of God
He won't let me be indifferent to the wars
It is a big monster which treads hard
On the poor innocence of people
It is a big monster which treads hard
On the poor innocence of people
 People, people, people

I only ask of God
He won't let me be indifferent to the injustice
That they do not slap my other cheek
After a claw has scratched my whole body

Artist: Outlandish
Album: Closer Than Veins (2005)