Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Story of a Thanatophobic Nomad - Short Documentary

Here we go... My second short documentary. YAAAY!

I call it "the solo film". One-man-crew, one day of shooting, one guest, one idea.

The trigger for it was my aspiration to join Wold Nomad 2016 Film Scholarship. But the desire to test my interpersonal limits as a solo-fimmaker was the major motive.

Let's talk about the technical stuff later on on my Tech Notbook blog. Now, let's enjoy the movie ;)

The Story of a Thanatophobic Nomad official poster - Deigned by Yasmen Refaat El-Shaa'rawy
The Story of a Thanatophobic Nomad official poster

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

إهرب في المزيكا - 4

مبفهمش كتير في أنواع المزيكا ومبعرفش أفرق بين الجاز و الروك و الراب وغيره. بالنسبة لي المزيكا حاجة من إتنين، يا مزيكا حلوة، يا وحشة.

المزيكا الحلوة اللي تخليني أتخيل قصص وحكايات وأنا بسمعها. في كل مرة قصة جديدة بتفاصيل مختلفة تماما، ملهاش أي علاقة بالسبب اللي المزيكا دي إتألفت أصلا علشانه.

هنا هشارك شوية من أفضل التراكات اللي بتديني متعة التخيل وخلق دنيا تانية.

Blackheart - Two Steps From Hell:

مش فاكرة مرة سمعت فيها تراك ما، وخلق قصة في خيالي من أول مرة، إلا التراك دا.. قصة هروب من خنقة وأجواء بلاستيكية، لبراح كله مفاجآت في كل عطفة طريق.

ممكن تراك مزيكا واحد يحكي قصة حياتك؟ أو كأنه متفصل كموسيقى تصويريه ليها؟  الترك دا كدا بالظبط بالنسبة لي!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Documentary: Bela Madares (Without Schools) | وثائقي: بلا مدارس

So yesterday was the first screening for my first documentary Bela Madares (Without Schools). And despite the too much blabber I did, it was really cool. And it felt great to see audiences liking it.

Now here it is.. Enjoy it in case you missed the screening ;)

Bela Madares (Without Schools) official poster. Designed by Yasmen Refaat El-Shaa'rawy
Bela Madares (Without Schools) official poster. Designed by me.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Trailer: Bela Madares (Without Schools) - Documentary | إعلان: بلا مدارس - وثائقي

بلا مدارس، فيلم وثائقي قصير، إنتاج ورشة إخراج الأفلام الوثائقية، بدعم من تحرير لاونج جوته. ديسمبر 2015. 

Bela Maders (Without Schools), is a graduation project of documentary filmmaking workshop, supported by Tahrir Lounge.

Friday, January 8, 2016

2015: For The First Time.. EVER!

I'm late.. I know! It's the damn writing block again!

Anyway, remember that little notebook from last year? Not much added to it this year; yet, I'll share with you highlights of things I did for the first time ever this year. But that to come after three major stories I'll tell you first:

1- I'm healed:
By the end of 2015, it's been 3 years, 2 months, and 3 days since HE left our world. All that time I ALWAYS avoided talking about him at all. Whenever I had to, I always talk about him in present tense in short sentences. Struggling all the bad flashbacks that would make me burst in tears. I'd NEVER mention that he's gone.. I HATE it when anyone would mention that he's gone..

All that time, that wound of his absence always aching, burning, torturing my body, soul, and mind.. Any glance of him, either it's his name, or a photo, or a place we pass by together many years ago, or a song he used to hum is quite enough to raise the pain for days..

"Wanna know something really good?!", I asked my friend +Sara El-Kady a day before his 3rd anniversary.
"Yeah!", she said.
"I feel no more pain! The wound is healed.. A huge scare still there for sure.. Huge ugly scare.. But it doesn't hurt any more.. I hate pride, yet if there's anything that I'd really feel proud of, it's how I survived that.. I'm proud of healing myself."

That was the first time in 3 year to not be in pain!

2- The rude me:
Somehow the first impression anyone can get about me is that I'm too too too nice to others. That kinda of person that would never be rude or rough at any given circumstances. This year, and for the first time, I acted totally rude, rough, and aggressive to few people who abused my being-nice attitude, and crossed lines in our relationship. Only those who knows me well will relate how this is a dramatic change in my personality. :D

3- The filmmaker in me: 
Back in 2005, I had to make an email ID that looks a bit professional, yet not reveling my identity (don't ask why cause that what I had in mind ten years ago!). So I picked my initials, YRS. Too short for an email ID, so I thought that I need something that makes me always look forward. 2015 was almost the first thing jumped in my mind. I remember having this little conversation in my head:

Me: 2015? Isn't it too far away?
Me: Yeah, think what possibilities 2015 could bring to me?
Me: Humm, ten years from now? I'd be 27 years old.. That's too old!
Me: And I would probably just get started my own media production company. I really should!
Me: YES! I'll be a filmmaker, and running my own film production company.. Let's do it.. it's YRS2015 then..

Yeah, I know! Way too childish.. Four years now pursuing that childish fantasy, and now I know how my mindset and way of thinking was too naive and gullible!

However, 2015 didn't end without me putting my first step on the road of my passion to documentary filmmaking. By mid December, I'd almost finished my first EVER real short documentary, "Bela Madares - Without Schools", as a graduation project for a Short Documentary Films Making Workshop I started in late August.

Still photo of Bela Madares (Without Schools) - Short Documentary By Yasmen Refaat El-Shaa'rawy
Still photo of Bela Madares (Without Schools) - Short Documentary

Still photo of Bela Madares (Without Schools) - Short Documentary By Yasmen Refaat El-Shaa'rawy
Still photo of Bela Madares (Without Schools) - Short Documentary

December had one more treat for me, as I started my training as a film editor for a documentary TV show aired on ElArabyia channels.

Well, that's enough for now, and more details about how I healed, and my film and its behind scenes and my training to come later on.. Soon hopefully!

Now here's a short list of other things I did for the first time:

4- Had a heart-to-heart talk with +Loly Moneer . Almost ten years of friendship without a single actual conversation! The first night in 2015 we spent it together by the beach of Dahab talking and talking, and talking :D

5- First time at White Canyons, Colored Canyons, Mount Catherine, Nubia, Aswan, Wadi Degla Protection, Sayeda Zienab, El-Rab3.

6- Try Om Ali from Alban El-Haram El-Hussiny (it was awesome!).

Om Ali @ Alban El-Haram El-Hussiny - Next to El-Hussien Mosque - Photo by Yasmen Refaat El-Shaa'rawy
Om Ali @ Alban El-Haram El-Hussiny - Next to El-Hussien Mosque.
It was my birthday treat actually ;)

7- Jump of a boat rooftop.
8- Row a boat.
9- Swim in the Nile.
10- Try Subya (it was awful!).


Sara once said to me, "2015 is definitely your year.." She was right.. It's the year I had became more mature, digging more deep into myself and almost everything around me, giving every single emotion its time to settle, pursuing whatever I want or wish in more confided and realistic way.

It's my year, yes!

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