Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Driving Lessons (2)

You can read part (1) here.

The Illusion Of Control!!
Two weeks ago was my second driving lesson. This time, Dad decided to promote me to the 2nd level of speed. But before that, he checked if I still remember what we did last week. And here comes the comedy!!

First, I missed up the order of actions necessary to start-up the car. And after two miserable tries, I finally did it, thanks to Allah (I often miss the orders up :D )!!

After that, Dad aims to make focus on how to make the turn perfectly. The word "perfectly" here means: assuming that there's too many cars around me, how should I keep my car on its track without touching the other tracks, which in returns means touching the other cars, which in returns means a car crash! Soooo simple.

I thought that I'm doing great, just as I'm born a driver by nature B-). Dad has another point of view... Well... Let's skip that part O:-)

But, mainly, I've noticed that I treat the driving wheel in a binary system, with no smooth redirecting, which reflected as a terrible zigzagging moving :(

In the middle of Dad's flow of instructions, and my low speed of processing them, I imagined myself going through Cairo's crowdy streets, driving so professionally; and finally after long years of suffering in public transportation, I go to work with MY OWN CAR!

I woke up from my dreams on a yell from Papa, just after an extraordinary.. stupid turn..

I was shocked for few seconds. What have I don?!! How could I be so ridicules?!! Where was I?!!!!!

I realized that I've run away from feeling not so good, to a dream where I see myself as I'd love to see it! That made me lose my attention to the current moment, and that was just about to lead to a disaster!!

It's not the first time to do so. And I'm not the first one to do so too!!

So many people scape from their current miserable lives by just dreaming.. without taking any actions to change the present to the better! I feel that it's so dangerous. It looks like taking a Psychedelic. But Psychedelic never heals diseases, doesn't it?!

There's a huge difference between "Having a vision and a goal to seek it", and "Escaping from reality by living on clouds of illusion".

Hope I made myself clear,
And pray for me to quit my bad habits :D..
Or .. Perhaps.. It's Dad the one needs for prayers O:-)

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