Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Review: Moments Took My Breath Away

After a lot of hard times in 2012 and 2013, I wished that 2014 would be much better. The first four months weren't good at all, and even till late Aug. things kept getting harder and harder. Yet, a lot of awesome and magical things started to happy since May.

It wasn't an easy year, lost a lot of dear people in the most tragic ways, yet I'm grateful for all those moments of real happiness and inner peace I had.

ولأن سورة الضحى كانت الأكثر تمثلا خلال السنة، ولأن كل آخرة كانت خير لي من الأولى.. فليكن "وأما بنعمة ربك فحدث"

1- Cairo - 5th May:
My birthday, with ZERO expectations for anything of whatsoever. I was just recovering an illness that kept me in bed for almost 4 days. So, as a hopeless try to cheer up a bit, arranged with Aliaa to attend a film festival screening. When we met, Randa and she presented me with a pot of a jasmine plant. That made me fly to the moon! I always wished to have a jasmine plant in my balcony, and they never knew about that wish. Their present made me believe that some birthday wishes come true in a way or another.. 

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2- Hamam Pheron - 23rd May:
There's something magical in this place! Once my feet touched the beach's sand and the amazing water of the Suez Gulf, I felt totally relived. Kinda of a rebirth, and I've been really re-birthed again there. (Maybe I'll tell you about the magic happened to me and the more birthday wishes that came true through this trip, and after it, some time later).

My first time at Hamam Pheron

3- Baharya Oasis - 7th Oct:
I have a pretty cool balcony that allows my to watch sunrise everyday. However, sunrise at Baharya Oasis desert was absolute magic.

4- Siwa Oasis - 2nd Nov:
Laying on my back in the desert, stargazing with Eman Refaat and Yasmin Mustafa, and cheering every time any one of us sees a shooting star. We were able to see shooting stars with our bear eyes! I've counted FIVE that night.

5- Siwa Oasis - 3 Nov:
One of the craziest day in my life! And since it was full of legendary surprises, I'll pick here just one moment, which was... The crepe! IT WAS AWESOME! I swear I had the exact facial expression Anton Ego had when he tasted that Rataouille

Try to imagine a taste that would literally take your breath away!
No! You can't! You have to try it yourself

6- Alexandria - 7th Nov:
It's a moment of gratitude and being thankful to what all I've been through, and for Allah after all.

7 - Cairo - 8th Nov:
Away from home for almost a week, and I've missed  my family like hell! How we hugged was an intimate moment.

8- Dahab & The Blue Hole- 5th Dec:
It's the BIG BLUE! Every time I put in the mask, and go down the surface, hearing nothing, seeing the small fishes & the amazing coral reef, surrounded with blue, that made me a strong believer that sea is my home, and I'd probably be a dolphin or Dory (if we assumed that reincarnation is a true theory)!

9- Cairo - 2nd Dec:
Yassmeen Mouhammad's special souvenir from Hollywood. This is one of the best gifts I got this year.

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