Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 Review: For The First Time.. EVER!

As an ordinary girl hating her ordinary life, the idea of doing something of the first time was quite fascinating to me. But I couldn't do something really valuable till collage, with average rate one or maximum two things per year.

On the bus form Siwa to Alexandria, Ahmed and Mahada presented me with a small notebook. "When we saw it we thought it's totally like you", they said. Later on, couple friends saw it with me, and told me, "It looks like a photo you'd take. It's so much you".

And, since it is too small for diaries, and too valuable to be kept in my desk locker, I thought I should use it for keeping lists of things I did for the first time ever.

Here, I'll share some of what I did in 2014 with you:

First time to..
  1. Sinai, South Sinai, Oyoun Muossa, Hammam Pheron, Baharyia Oasis, Minya, Siwa Oasis, Dahab, Blue Hole, Mount Sinai.
  2. Share rooms with people I've just met.
  3. Be into desert.
  4. Sleep in desert.
  5. Be into an oasis.
  6. Feel totally confident about my bro and sis.
  7. Live completely in the moment.
  8. Be in inner peace (despite it vanishes once I come back to Cairo!)
  9. Eat dates tart, apple & cinnamon crepe, banana & Nutella crepe, sugar & lemon crepe, sweet olives jam, dates jam, tuna with melted cheese, Shakshuka (eggs with tomatoes).
  10. Try olive oil with orange flavor, and olive oil with lemon flavor.
  11. Drink dates with milk, mango with milk, Bedouin tea.
  12. Put in Bedouin outfit.
  13. Try sand-boarding.
  14. See shooting stars with bare eyes.
  15. Ask vendors about their names, and trying to remember them.
  16. Talk with a deaf guy.
  17. Express my impressions and thoughts with people I've just met.
  18. Stay in hotels in Egypt.
  19. Stay in hostels.
  20. Try trains.
  21. Eat full Egyptian breakfast food in street.
  22. Do Mandala on a stone.
  23. Panic and be frightened from a new adventure.  
  24. Be into mountains.
  25. Snorkeling. 
That is almost half of what's in my notebook. For a moment I though I'd finish it before the year end! But it still has more space for more and more.. for the coming year adventures ;)

Here, check my "I Was There" album:

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