Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First Time Siwa: Just Like Shooting Stars

Have you EVER seen a shooting star?

No, I mean a real shooting star, in real life, not in a documentary film, or a fictional movie, or even through a telescope!

I did! They were FIVE. And the moment I though I got a record, I knew that someone else counted till TWELVE!

That was Siwa... Everything happened in that trip was just like a shooting star.. Every laugh, every tear, every cheer, every surprise, every moment of nervous, stress, fear, joy, inner peace, and every moment that took my breath away. Fade in, spark, and fade out in a blink, leaving that spark in my heart and mind.

Blue sky, mountains, desert sand, lakes, and palmtrees, all in one view.
This is SIWA (Click to enlarge)

There are two kinds of places: A place that's special by itself, you'll love for its own. And a place that's special by the people who share it with you; The memory of it is only valued by the moments you had with them. 

Some will love Siwa once they lay an eye on it, but I'm not one of those!
It's a pretty nice and beautiful place. Yet what I really got connected to was the people I've meet and get to know there. Either the group that was travailing with us, the Terhal family (Ahmed, Mahada, Abdelrahman, and Sarah), or those who live in Siwa (Siwe or not), and got the chance to talk with.

I spent almost a week there (from Fri. 31 Oct, to Wed. 6 Nov), which gave me the chance to take a bit close look into the oasis and its people. In Siwa I ate the most awesome food; did couple crazy things for the first time; saw shooting stars with my bare eyes; attended the craziest and most splendid wedding, with black outfit, jeans, and a slipper (a plastic slipper actually, which I took it off in the desert, and then made me spend about 10 minutes tracking my trail to find it); met people who left their homelands and decided to spend the rest of their lives there, and couldn't resist my curiosity to ask them, "Why?", and their answers were quite interesting; met the best and the funniest deaf cook I'd probably meet in my whole life; and get to know things that I never imagined to be in Egypt.

And as a conclusion of that trip, I couldn't find a better quote to sum up all what I've experienced and saw there but this one from Cloud Atlas:
"Fear, belief, love phenomena that determined the course of our lives. These forces begin long before we are born and continue after we perish."

Now I understand why they used a shooting star as a symbol..

More details to come up later on..
More photos to be found here:

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