Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Creativity Thoughts

"There's nothing called 'you are not creative', everyone is creative. The point is that some choose to believe that they are creative, while others believe not!! You are what you think!"
This is one of most inspiring quotes that made a huge change in my life. If you seen my latest promo, you'd find that it was Eng. Tarek Sakr one.

Today, I found my friend Amira Aboulrous has tagged me in one of her notes at Facebook, and found it so inspiring. That's why I asked for her permission to add it here in my spot.

Here's what Amira had wrote:
Although some people are creativity gifted, there are some techniques that anyone can follow to promote his/her creativity.

One of these techniques is "paradise". Paradise technique states that you should Dream and then Solve.
When you are thinking about a creative product, you should dream about all features that this product should be supplied with and then solve (think how to make all these dream features work). has developed a device that is unveiling the "Sixth Sense", this device is the most creative device that I have recently seen.

This is a video link for the device,

Thanks to Eng.Tarek Sakr who gives creativity lectures to our team at Kinematechs, and to Ahmed Elaraishy who send me a link to this video.

PS: Amira and Ahmed were my work-mats at Kinematechs, and Eng Tark is the CEO.
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