Monday, May 25, 2009

Out Seeing The Fields

Briskly rising to the sky
Cold clouds rushing past
Flying hopes to never land
Light Streatching out my hand

Out seeing the fields
What is a dream
And can you tell me what is real?

Everyone else is home in bed,
And I’m out here lost in my own head,
Out seeing the fields

Freeze crystal on the bridge
Trees frozen diamond leaves
Ice stiffening the wheat
Wind underneath my feet

I only feel close to you when I’m under open sky
I only feel guided when I’m free to question why
Only when I smell the earth upon my face,
will I ever be free to fly from this place

Morning wings against the ledge
Frost trees painted on the glass
Snow covering the streets
Home warm beneath my sheets
Song For: Dawud Wharnsby Ali
Album: Out Seeing The Fields
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