Friday, June 12, 2015

You, and You Only!

Couple years ago, a friend shared this quote by Ziad El-Rahbany on my Facebook wall with a comment saying, "Somehow it reminds me of you!"

“لما تحتاج حدا
و ما تلاقيه جنبك
رح تمر بمحنة عويصة
بس لما تخلص
رح تستنتج
انك ما كنت بحاجتو من الأساس
بس كنت خايف تمرق بمحنتك لحالك
و بتستنتج كمان
انو بالنهاية
مش بحاجة حدا غير حالك
حالك و بس” 

Back that time I didn't get it! I'm NOTHING without my best friends and close family members. I won't make it without them being there for me. Yet, later on, I realized another side of this fact. The fact that "You really need no one in this world but yourself, and yourself only!". I became aware of the thin line separates my own self acceptance and others acceptance.

Every single time I have a job interview, a group trip, an outing, or a business meeting, I became unconsciously focusing on my own feelings with the others' company. I don't do much effort to make them like me, or to make myself appealing for them. In the other hand, I'm very concentrated about how I feel with their presence.

Maybe it's a little extreme for some people, Yet, I'd prefer this than having a sick relationship that one partner abuses the needs of the other one.

I won't describe it better than Tracy here.

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