Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shabah Ba3d 2awy!!!!!

Yesterday me and my friend Sandy went with Qafelet Resala to El-3ayatt village. It was a too long day, full with too much unforgettable scenes.

I'll tell you just one scene here. While we (me and Sandy) ware sitting witting for the packages to be ready for distributions on people in need, the other girls who ware with us start saying to us: "You both look like each others!! You look like being sisters, not just friends!!"

You know, lately when I showed my Mom my photos with my friends, she said: "What's this?!!! You all like each others!!!!"

I liked thier speach toooooooooooooooo much, and I wished to say:
"Yeah! You have no idea about our secret :-> ... We are in deed true sisters ... In Allah ... That's why we look like each others .. That's our secret :)"

I feel it's a very good sign. I feel that Allah has put in us all a common theme, that any one can notice it easly.

Thank you Allah for this blessing,
Thank you Allah for making me with you all my sisters,
Love You fe Allah :X
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