Friday, January 21, 2011

هِيلاَ هِيلاَ يا مَطَرْ

Seems that rain is a source of inspiration to many people around the world, and not only me! .. It was raining here in Cairo this week, and this time I didn't miss it :D..

That was enough to cheer me up again (regardless of those *comic* stuff we hear or see in the news these days).. Cause, yes, it's true that after every rainfall must come a rainbow :).. 

O Allah! Show us the truth, and give us the strength to follow it..

هِيلاَ هِيلاَ يا مَطَرْ
اِغْسِلي اوْراق الشَجَرْ
الحُلْم مثْل الوَرْد يكْبَرْ
والهِلالْ يصْبَحْ قَمَرْ
اُدْخُلِي بِيُوت القَصَبْ
واسْقِي أزْهار الغَضَبْ
وخَبِّرِي دَمْعِةْ بِلادِي
إنّ ماسِحْهَا حَضَرْ
قَطْرةْ قطْرَة عَ الدُرُوبْ
غَنِّي لِعْطَش القُلُوبْ
وما تْخافِي السَحابْ يا حرة
الصَفْو مِنْ بَعْد الكدَرْ
ضُمِّينِي وبِلِّي لِي رِيقِي
وغَطِّي بِلْحافِكْ رَفِيقِي
مَهْمَا عَثَّرْنِي طَرِيقِي
المَسِيرَةْ تَسْتمرّ

Come down O Rain!
Wash the trees' leaves
A dream - just like a rose - grows
And the crescent becomes a full moon
Enter the huts and shanty towns
And water the flowers of anger
And inform my country's tears
That the one who is going to wipe them has arrived
Drop by drop on the paths
Sing for the hearts' thirst
And do not fear the clouds O free land
Good times always follow the bad ones
Embrace me and quench my thirst 
And cover with your blanket my companion 
No matter how many times I fall
The journey will continue

Song by: Hamza Namira
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