Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I've Missed The Rain!!!

People would usually miss the train.. Miss the bus.. Miss the appointment.. But, me... Oh me!!
I've missed the RAIN!!!! :'( :'(
It has rained where I live, but it didn't where I work!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the streets so wet. 

For the whole last five years, I've been arguing with everyone, and saying "Oh, come on! It's not that far, anyway!!". OK, now I admit it.. It's a far distance.. A loooooong distance!!

How strange! Sobhan Allah!! Today, I was looking at the sky from my office's windows; and it was so clear, and very sunny! And I wondered, "When would it rain!".. 

And the strangest, is that deep down, somehow, I was expecting that! I expected to miss the rain.. And that is not a good sign.. Not good at all!.. Cause lately almost all my expectations became a truth.. And they weren't happy ones!

Now, all what I can do is to keep praying for rain...
How yearning am I for rain...

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