Friday, February 4, 2011

Revolution In Egypt!!! (2)

Dreams Of Revolution 

I knew it! Everyone knew it! How it was before, won't be now, and forever!

Everything has changed now.. No more fear.. No more humiliation.. No more lies.. No more oppression.. Can't imagine that after all what we have been through this week, any single Egyptian will be afraid to say "NO!".. To be a corrupter, or pay for a corrupter.. To be positive.. and even proactive!

Loved a word that says:
الناس من خوف الذل في ذل، ومن خوف الفقر في فقر!!
People, from the fear of humiliation, are in humiliation; and from the fear of poverty, are in poverty!!

Maybe those who above 35s will find it a bit difficult to cope with that new atmosphere. But the very best is that the new generations will have much better chances :)

Won't pretend that I'm a super brave person. Most of the time I was really scared. I witnessed one of the most dreadful nights ever in my life. I now know how exactly the people in Gaza feel!!

One of those strange stuffs happened, is that almost all of my fiends (even Non-Egyptian & Non-Muslim) told me the same thing.. To "Have faith.. As it's really not controlled by us, we turn to Him, The Savior, The Preserver ".

O Allah, Show us the truth, and give us the strength to follow it..

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