Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Morning Quick Thought

Usually, the first thing I do in morning, before I even get up from bed, is answering three main questions: what day is it? Do I have  any meetings or appointments? What's the major tasks I have to do?

Today, the first thing popd-up in my head was how many different fields I've been working on through the last seven years. I'm really amazed that it's a very long list!

For instant, I've worked on: Education for kids, teens, and collage students. ERP and CRM systems development. Web development. Graphics designs. Stationary designing & printing. Short fiction movies making. Business development & planning. Marketing. Social media management. Commercial photography. Wedding photography. Food photography. Events photography. Films & videos editing.

Not an expert in any of them, yet the lessons learned from each, and how they helped understanding myself, my abilities, and recognize my skills & talents, is what I appreciate the most.

And here I'm now working on travel & documentary photography, and cooperating in managing a travel agency; with even more to discover & learn.

Guessing if I to do another career shift, it might be something related to cooking or planting maybe!

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