Saturday, October 29, 2011

Islam: Empire of Faith - Documentary

I was looking for this movie since a while, & finally I watched it!
I liked it, the efforts put in it are unquestionable indeed! However, I have few comments:

# Gabriel -peace be upon him- revealed to prophet Muhammad -PBUH- as an angel, at their first time. Not as a human, as the film says! Appearing as an angel was intend to make Muhammad -PBUH- realize that he is facing a very huge & serious matter.

# The Quraan wasn't written by the early time at Makkah. Few Muslims did wrote few scripts of it. But, not all of it. Most people back then were illiterate! They can't read or write. But they were very good in memorizing anything.

# There was no caravan while Hijra!!! They were so scared & threaten, so they traveled in very small groups (individuals most of the time) secretly! The only one who traveled in a mid-day sunlight was Omar Ibn El-Khatab.

# Prophet Muhammad -PBUH- didn't name the city after his name! But it was named, "Al-Madeana Al-Monawara" or "The Lighted City". People, afterwords, used to refer it to the City of the Prophet, as in reference to his -PBUH- mosque there.

# Prayers were not at Prophet's house!! they were at the Prophet's mosque! And it was people who named the mosque "The Prophet's Mosque". By the mosque's wall, the prophet built houses (rooms would be the accurate word to describe them) to each one of his -PBUH- wifes.

# I don't know why on earth at every movie I've seen, so far, there's a LOT of spaces between people while they pray!!!! Can't the producers ask how Muslims pray in groups?!! Or, can't they just make use of some Muslims (who really know how to pray in groups) to act correctly in such scenes?!!

# The motive of The Battle of Bard wasn't as it sound here! .That the best who I found explaining it, was Dr. Amr Khaled, here:

# The final scene of the Prophet's -PBUH- funeral. I don't know how this could be! Faces slapping, screaming, dancing, throwing sands on the air, & drums?!! At the Prophet's funeral?!! And by the Prophet's companions?!!! That's TOTALLY an imaginary, fiction, fancy, lunatic scene! All those stuff are totally forbidden by the Islamic teaching to be done at a funeral.

# One more last note, I don't know much about the Niqab history, however, that women custom at the movie is much bridal than a Niqab!!!

Finally, well, hope you enjoy the movie, specially after what I've said about it :D

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