Friday, December 6, 2013

Driving Lessons (3)

Was just cleaning my disk, when I found this piece of a diary I wrote back on June 6th, 2010... I read it, and get amazed by my language! Too much computer science vocabularies!!

This seems the third part of my driving lessons diaries I wrote about before, Lesson Number One :) & The Illusion Of Control!!

Warning.. Woman On Board!!

I admit it, Dad is the best trainer I can ever have my life!!

He used to do a little tiny thing, that made a huge impact on me. That's, while he drives, and I be next to him, he starts pretending to be thinking out loud, "When you are to turn to left, watch out for cars coming behind you, and those who are coming from the opposite direction.. Now there's a turn-right that we wouldn't take, we are to go straight, so don't take the road most-right side; be on the left side.. But not the very left, you might be surprised by someone parking.. Now, we go straight.. just look ahead.. This is a woman (pointing to a car in front of us with a lady driving it).. Keep away from her!!!!!!!".

The first time he said that "stay away from her", I couldn't pars it!! The second time, I was just about to tell him, "Papa, It's *me*, not your *son*!!". Then I came up with a question, "OK, When I am the driver, should I stay away from her too ?!!". Instead of telling him that, I found myself binding this situation with one of Bio-informatics lecturers, and my mind imagined a very odd scene!

I imagined one of Cairo highway, say the Ring Road, with a set of cars; each is driven by a lady, and each one of the ladies applying Dad's rules. So each car will avoid the other cars, and keep away from them. On the same scene, there's another set of cars, driven by gentlemen just behind the first set of cars (lady's cars set), and the gentlemen are slowing down in order to keep away from them. A third set, of gentlemen also driving just in front of the first set; are speeding up to keep their distance from them!!

That would lead to three clusters!! However, the cluster in the middle consists of outliers; so we may consider each outlier as a cluster itself :D !!!

Recently, I had to ride cars with others...


This really feels odd! Reading something you wrote long time ago, and recall your feelings & thoughts back at that time, which you almost had forgotten, is really weird!

I wish I could remember what I had in mind about "riding cars with others".. But, I only could recall that situation with Papa, and a few of my bio-medical lectures...

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