Sunday, October 18, 2015

First Time Siwa (3): Food Glorious Food - Ana Maria Cafe

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Whenever there's a fine fresh baked and a fine coffee on breakfast, then it's defiantly my luxury morning.. Thus, that morning at Anna Maria Cafe was one of the most glorious luxury morning I've  ever had there with my friend, Sarah.

I'd rank Ana Maria Cafe as my second most favorite restaurants in Siwa Oasis (will tell you about my first most favorite one in another post later on). That's for four quit considerable reasons of course:

First, Their beautiful chocolate brownies (Sarah's choice for breakfast). Despite being a chocolate addict, I'm not that much into brownies. However, I tasted it, and really loved the fresh hot crunchy taste covered with lots of perfect chocolate souse. 

Chocolate brownies @ Ana Maria Cafe - Siwa Oasis - Photo By: Yasmen Refaat El-Shaa'rawy
Chocolate brownies @ Ana Maria Cafe - Siwa Oasis

Second, the beautiful large cup of cappuccino. The cup that's way much rich and perfect than the best cafes in Cairo. Perfect amount of coffee, milk, cream, and sugar.. The one cup of coffee that you wish it never get empty to enjoy it for ever and ever..

Cappuccino @ Ana Maria Cafe - Siwa Oasis - Photo By: Yasmen Refaat El-Shaa'rawy
Cappuccino @ Ana Maria Cafe - Siwa Oasis

Third, and the most important at all, their glorious, marvelous, & fabulous Dates Tart. HEAVEN!.. You have to try it by yourself. I'm not that pro food blogger yet!   

Heavenly Dates Tart @ Ana Maria Cafe - Siwa Oasis - By: Yasmen Refaat El-Shaa'rawy
Heavenly Dates Tart @ Ana Maria Cafe - Siwa Oasis 

Fourth, the curious case of Ana Maria! She's the one who served us that morning. And despite she was yelling at someone on the phone, who seams giving her a rough morning; she was very friendly to us. Noticing that didn't encourage me to have a little talk with her. Yet at some point, I couldn't resist asking her, "Are you Egyptian?", and for my surprise she replied in a perfect Egyptian slang, "I'm Brazilian!".. Wow! A Brazilian lady running here own business in a tough environment like Siwa is quit peculiar story!


The cafe is less than 5 min walking from The Fortress of Shali, and Abdo Restaurant (very well-known restaurant there), just in front of the gas station. The prices is lower than any cafe here in Cairo. Yet, the quality of food and service is much better.


Tip: Go there for breakfast in early morning, with a friend you wanna spend some quality time with, or to get to know. 

Tip 2: For budget travelers, you may keep it on your my-last-morning-in-Siwa todo-list. You won't regret it ;)

Couldn't find the cafe on TripAdvisor for now.. If it was there I'd review it with 5 stars for sure.

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